How to Install Android 14 Developer Preview on Your Pixel Phone

Do you want to know how to install Android 14 Developer Preview on Pixel Phone? if yes then you are at the right page. This article will help you in installing the Android 14 developer preview on a Pixel phones.

Android 14 has now reached all Pixel owners globally. We can understand if you want to update the most recent Android version even though there are just a few user-facing changes in the release.

It will please you to know that installing Android 14 won’t require you to jump through hoops. A step-by-step tutorial on installing the Android 14 developer preview on your Pixel devices has been put together by us to make things even simpler.

Let us get into the article to know more.

The Measures to Install Android 14 Developer Preview

Make sure the phone is already plugged into your laptop using a USB-C cable. Next, proceed as described below:

  1. Visit the Google Android Flashing Tool to start the procedure.


  1. After opening the webpage, click the “Allow ADB Access” box that appears.


  1. To choose your device from the pop-up menu, click the downward pointing arrow.


  1. If you’re connecting your Pixel phone for the first time to a laptop, you’ll need to permit your phone. Simply select “Yes,” then, just to be safe, select “Always Allow” for future use.


  1. As soon as you permit the connection, your compatible Pixel device will be visible in the menu. You can choose it by selecting “Add Device” after clicking.


  1. The browser will now prompt you to choose the device on which you want to install Android 14 before it disappears. Click “Connect” after choosing your Pixel device.


  1. The list of builds for your Pixel phone will now be visible to you. Under Android 14, we’ll select Developer Preview 1. To choose it, just click.


  1. Installing the Android 14 build on your device is now possible. Click the “Install Build” button to get started without making any changes.


  1. A notice letting you know what you are installing will be presented to you before the final process starts. Click “Confirm” to continue after carefully reading the pop-up.


  1. Click the “I Agree” button to agree to the licence conditions that appear.


  1. You don’t need to do anything; the installation process will now get started. You must wait for now before unplugging the gadget or touching its screen.


  1. For the Android Flash Tool to install the build, the bootloader must now be unlocked. Press “Start” to begin.


  1. You may now start downloading Android 14 from Google Play. As you can see, the flash tool completes all of that work for you.


  1. After the build has been obtained, Android 14 DP1 will immediately flash it onto your device. Your Pixel device might cycle through several screens and menu selections. Do not touch anything at this time, as was previously stated.


  1. The last available option will require you to lock the bootloader to complete the flashing procedure. For that, simply press the “Done” button.


  1. And that is it! You will now see that Android 14 has been installed on your device. At this point, you can start setting up the phone by unplugging your laptop’s phone jack.

Wrapping Up

This article has come to end, and finally, you have learned how to install Android 14 Developer preview on Pixel Phone. This is the easiest method and I am sure even a newbie can follow these steps. If you have any doubts then you can comment down below and I will help you out.

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